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NC is the way to go-been doing soooo well so why am I hurting for doing whats right

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He also has my cam corder that he was going to help me operate but the whole "its not working" thing happenned and he has my camera. It was discussed that he'll bring my camera but just that once and then we stopped talking...should I use the cam as an excuse so i can see him or F the cam (I really couldnt care about it) and dont call him at all?

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I'm going through the same thing. I need to get my name off the car loan note we both have together. we haven't spoken in 5 weeks, but that is still a matter i need to clear up. I'll be calling her her this weekend to do it.

What i'm saying is this: if you want the camera back, you'll have to call or email, but keep it STRICTLY ABOUT THE CAMERA. after you get the camera, the last tie you have will be closed. continue with having NC.

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If you don't care about the camera, then forget it. You can always buy another one. Move on. Eat right. Exercise everyday. Find some worhtwhile hobbies/activities to keep yourself occupied. Hang out with old friends. Make new ones. Focus on your work. Time will take care of the rest. Chin up. You will heal. Take good care of yourself. Stay strong.

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Thank you all very much for such positive and encouraging advice. I appreciate it so much! Yes, I know I have to think of myself and take care of ME. Hes just fine with how things ended and couldnt care less so u know what I have to not care and keep my chin up and remain smiling tho at times inside im crying but I promise myself that I will stay strong!! (I have to type these things so I can read it and it can get through my head)

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