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Just a confusing situation HELp!


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Hi, okay, i met this guy about a year ago, at school, we started dating then about a month later he asked me out. Our relationship was perfect, EVERYTHING, feelings, life, friends it was going so well, then about a year later, he broke up with me, and he wasnt treating me as good as he usually had, but i didnt even realize it. Not that he was being mean, just this guy is very sweet and nice all the time, and he was different. A month after that, when school started back again, we started talking more, and then he asked me out again, under the circumstances that we would have more space because he needed to focus more on school this year because it is his last year in highschool. I agreed, everything was great again, except it wasnt, we both noticed that the feeling wasnt as strong as before because we werent spending as much time together and even though i wouldnt admit it yet, it wasnt right.


We broke up again, but now 2 weeks later we are very close, and he wrote me a long letter saying how i was the most amazing person he'd met and sorry for being so bad to me, and that he didnt even know why he broke up with me in the firts place, and when we were apart for a month and it all went down from there. It was very sweet, and i told him that if we were friends and if we started feeling more then it would be ok, and he agreed and said it would be good. So now we're very close, and I am falling for him again, but i dont know if he is for me, and i dont want to push things, i explained this to him, and i said eventually that i felt i was trying to change something that couldnt be changed, and all he said was we can do something somtime soon, so we're going shopping but thats not the point.


If this makes sense to anyone, and if anyone has advice or an opinion id really appreciate it and im willing to help anyone else who needs anything, please, this is a special guy im talking about and i still feel a connection, thanks!

Julie 8)

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This sounds like a situation where your guy just doesn't know what he wants. I'm not sure about your ages (I'm guessing late teens/EARRLY twenties), but it sounds as though there's some maturity problems on his side. He obviously has some growing up to do, emotionally. If I'm right about your ages, then I would say this is relatively normal.


Having said this, it doesn't make the pain of loving someone who isn't as steadfast in their commitment to you any less hurtful. You sound to be a thoughtful and mature young woman. I agree entirely with the course of action you are taking, being 'friends' and taking a calmer, wait and see approach. If you feel that strongly that this guy is worth the effort you are putting into this, then stay the course and see where things go. You might be right for each other, or you might just have a trusting, life-long friend. Just try to nurture this with a positive, low-pressure approach.


Good luck

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