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Is it just me or do Sunday's suck?!

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For some reason Sunday seems to be the most depressing day of the week. I feel down almost every Sunday, despite my best efforts to change this! I go out, try to change my routine etc but nothing works, I just want to stay in bed!


I know in part why I feel this way, cos I worry that I'm not in the right career, and don't feel completely fulfilled but have no idea what would make me happy. Plus today is the end of the weekend and back to work tomorrow, although I don't hate my job. It's just the endless cycle of mon-sun is very tedious isn't it.


I know this doesn't seem that big a deal, especially when I read some of the problems.Anyway I guess I'm just posting this to let anyone else who feels the same know they are not the only ones!

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I feel the same, i hate sundays. The week is fun becuase i am with my friends at college, friday nights are good and so are saturday nights. Sundays are depressing because there is nobody to hang out with and all i have to do is my school work. I am especially hating this sunday becuause i have to face my ex tomorrow and probably discuss a lot of things (feelings, reasons for breaking up, etc) that she told me on friday when we were drunk. Also, the fact that she kissed a friend of mine.


Oh well, life goes on, chances come and chances go.

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yes just read your previous post. I guess it's difficult breaking up with someone when u are in the same social circle. It's a shame your ex didn't explain her full reasons for the break up at the time, it could have avoided a lot of hurt. Until you get things sorted out I would try and avoid situations like the one you described, particularly if you'll both be drinking

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