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this guy is soo hard to figure out

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I dated this guy for 3 years, He was previosly married for 29 years and I had been married for 9 years before I met him.

He was still married when I met him, he told me that he had filed for a divorce and I found out later that it wasn't true.


He hadn't filed for a divorced until after a year of knowing each other.During this time we had moved in with each other, he talked of his ex-wife often. He never really had anything nice to say about her but she would always come up in our conversations.


He then broke up with me two weeks before his divoce had became final. I ended up moving back by my family. He kept calling me and telling me he was sorry for the way that he treated me, and that he wanted me back in life and not anyone else.


we continued seeing each other after the split up, and I didn't move back in with him because I'm having a hard time trusting him, and I feel that he is still having feelings for his ex wife.


I don't know if i"m overeacting and it seems he left her to be with me. But I don't understand why he always brings her up? Should I try to trust him more??

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After 29 years of being married, I'm not really surprised that he's having trouble getting over her and the life that they had together. When someone is a part of your life in such a significant way for such a long time, those are hard habits and patterns to break.


Unfortunately, where does that leave you?


I agree with the others that it sounds as though he's not quite healed from his divorce, if not over his ex wife.


After 3 years of being with him, if he's still jerking back and forth, you have a pretty good indicator there that it isn't likely to change anytime soon.


It's pretty unfair to put you on that type of emotional roller coaster, wouldn't you say?


I think for me, I'd rather take risks on more promising payouts than this one... he doesn't seem like a good investment.

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