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Your perfect partner?

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I'm sure there's allot of threads very like this but...


I've been thinking allot recently.

It's always good to look back apon stuff that happened in the past because things are only clear looking back on them.


Someone asked me whats you idea of a perfect partner ie perfect boyfriend.?


I thought about it for a while and was going to make a big long list of stuff like:

They must be romantic, intelligent, caring, ect. ect.


But then I came to the conclusion...


The perfect guy for me is one that understands me.

That's it... nothing else.

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Yea, it would be basically the same, one who treats me well, understands, doesn't criticize, nor lie, nor cheat, nor abuse u in any way. Most important, one who isns't a braggard nor a jerk. I was asked for wut race I preffered, lol, I don't really care about that, any, wut matters mostly is the personality.

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