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I broke the "golden rule"......now what?

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unfortunately............we cant make people see things the way we do or would like them to. if we had the power to do so we wouldnt be in these situations. if i could make my ex understand what happened i would. bottom line is my ex and your ex have moved on. you and i can sit around pining for them to return............it doesnt do anygood. for to long did i let my own life get out of control. it took sometime but im back on my feet.

love is a tricky thing and with each failed relationship ive learned something about myself. ive always prevailed at the end the last one just took alot longer. im not going to advise you to contact her but at the same time i cant tell you not to. i made a choice.......wrong or not i took a chance. to be honest it wasnt what i was hoping for but its exactly what i needed to completely let go of the hope. goodluck

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