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Angry & mess up..


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It’s been about four years since we know each other. She was the first to say I love you, quickly she told me about her previous relationship and trouble she had combined with her life problems. I felt sorry and sad about her problems and said to her “I will be there to support you for everything you need - Indeed I was there for so many simple things to make her happy and push things on better way.


Two years passed we were both in love and best friends I have ever had in my life - I thought it will continue for years to come - deeply I was more than a friend and all times call her asking if she needed anything, send her emails to say I care very much, Obviously! made me too "nice guy". For her occasions and her birthdays always remembered in advance and send gifts and cards. Within these two years I noticed things changed towards me, not the same respect and love I had, the daily "I love you" she use to tell me those words disappear from her mouth. When I call her, she will say I’m busy or I will call you later or blah blah, never call – If I’m not heard she never ask me what happen, I expect 50/50 love the way I treat her, should do the same to me – my last birthday she said she forgot, I said never mind, I still care very much about you.


Frustrates and angry started to built in my heart and I became jealously too, she manipulating and nagging to much and show me indirect that there are other people around her could provide help to her better than me - I said doesn't matter I will still continue to support her especially when I remember her problems. Later I told her I don't like the way she behave but she was continuing to do the same. Once I disappear for a while after a fight, quickly she came back and said to me I can not live without you – I found she was using me - when she wanted something and without hesitation as usually I was there. Unfortunately, these recent two years, things went deterorating more and more.


Recently, I read somewhere about dating - the website says: If you want to win her - you should show that you have other friends" this will make her jealous and starting to follow you again - I did and things went worse, since that day she never talk to me again, I apologies, sent her emails and cards like crazy, she kept quite not responding just like nothing happened. Today I decided to send her an email and I said is better to break-up after such long time of my love and caring to her. All those days she was refusing to meet me even when I invite her for something.


Do you think? she will come back? Do I need just forget her and proceed with my new life?

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I would go and build that life for yourself, not to try and get her back, that will be a superficial thing to do. No matter what happens with this relationship, you will need a life outside of having a girl friend. It will only strengthen those relationships down the road, as well as streghtening you.


Let her go , if you feel she isnt giving you what you need in a relationship, why worry if she will come back. Obviously you werent happy with her, and you were more of a caretaker than a boyfriend.


Their are many many woman out their, not just this one. You will meet other women, some relationships will be short, and others longer. It is all a learning process, a time to grow, to discove rwho you are, and what you want from life.


I do wish you the best,


be well,


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