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He broke up with me. I thought that I'd never hear from him again unless I initiate the contact.


Just when I wrote on my journal last night that I love him enough to let him go, he IMed me today. Why?


I tried my very best to maintain my own dignity by not writing him back because I know that i still have feelings for him. I hope I did the right thing even though I am dying to talk to him again and to know why he contacted me.


Has anyone experienced the same situation? How did you deal with it?


Thank you for listening,


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It doesn't really matter what other people did etc.


You have to do what you think's best for you.

You think you did the right thing - so it's OK.


Who knows why he IM'd - remorse? regret? boredom? lonliness?

It's unimportant.


If you want to make this easier on yourself; forget it happened.

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He IMed me agian today to 'just' to tell me a good news about him. He said that he got this news last night. It's something I was aware of before the breakup.


I did what I would do if anyone told me a good news about themselves. So I replied 'congratulations' to him. I have been doing NC, but it did not matter to me if replying to him means that I broke it. I did what I think a good person would.


I know that it does not matter what his intension was any more and no one would know except himself, but i am curious. Could it be an coincidence that he IMed me out of blue two days ago and the following day he all of a sudden got this good news to tell me?


I have been repeating to myself and wondering about something: does it take strength to stand guard and take courage to let down my guard in my situation? I can not be his friend at this point, but I really can endure because I choose to be a worthy woman who can be strong.


Thank you for listening,


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