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Hi all!


Me and my new girlfriend have just started having sex, after a month-long celibate relationship.


She was a virgin, I wasn't...


The problem I have is... I can't use protection.


Everytime we try to use a condom, it;


A./ Doesn't fit. It's really tight, and pretty uncomfortable.




B./ It doesn't feel anywhere near as good as sex without protection.


This usually leads to me losing my erection, which can be embarrassing, and quite frustrating at times!!


I really, REALLY do not want to get her pregnant. We have a really nice relationship, that's going places.


Has anyone else had this problem/Can anyone offer some *serious* advice?



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I think you need to try different condoms, different brands and prehaps more sensitive ones. You have to realize that sex without a condom is always going to feel better, while you can get condoms you prefer, the feeling isnt going to be the same as without a condom. I would also not focus on the issue of condoms themselves when ur having sex, too much thinking is going to lead you down the wrong path, enjoy the experience and have fun with it. There is going to be a getting used to period condoms so dont expect immediate results.

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Look around for different condoms. Different brands will fit different, as will different sizes of course, some are made "thinner" for more sensation and such as well.


Of course sex without will feel better, but there are too many cons to it which is why people DO use condoms. You need to realize that there are reasons they are recommended.


If you are tested clean from STI's and the like, and she is too and you are monogomamous, you can just use the pill, patch, diaphragm, IUD, etc however then you need to trust her to take them properly always.


The fact is even with birth control there is a risk of failure..with condoms it can be as high as 10-15%, with the pill 1-10% depending on how well you use them, and so forth. Using two forms of birth control (ie pill and condom) decreases risks.

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Try one of the brands of super thin condoms. They are mostly made in japan and are jsut as effective as regular condoms except they are made with a special material which is extra thin and transfers a lot more heat. Try Sagami Type E or Kimono Microthin Large. The Sagami Type E are thinner and transfer mroe heat but the Kimono Microthin Large are very Large. You can normally find these at a local sex shop you can't buy them in msot drug stores or you can order them online. Also if you are very very well endowed the Kimono Maxx Condoms work also. If you don't have any local sex shops thats sell them you can buy them online.

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