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Is it too late for me to tell her I'm interested?


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Okay, I met a girl about 2 months ago and we hit it off almost right away. We had a lot in common and we called each other and hung out a lot, going to movies and meeting each others friends to hang out and whatnot. I even met her parents. I was nervous to tell this girl I was interested in her romantically at first because I really liked her and didn't want to be too forward and ruin my chances. In the first month after I met her, even my friends were telling me that they thought she liked me, but like a fool I still did nothing. We were just "friends." Now I realize that she probably was interested in me! She would sit really close to me so that we were touching constantly and was flirting with me a lot, I was just too incredibly dense to see it until now in retrospect. To illustrate how big of an idiot of I am, she actually ASKED me and just me to come over to her house one day but I had to go to work in a few hours and was somewhat tired and needed a nap, so I declined her invitation. So she practically BEGGED me to come over and go swimming and to just be with her! I could have and easily skipped out on a nap and gone, but I for some strange reason that even I don't understand, I still said no and went home. Instead of taking a nap, I just layed there thinking about her and how stupid I was not to go over there. I even realized that I liked her and she liked me, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how much I liked her. Then, there was a hurricane where we live so we both had to evacuate to different cities. I called her almost everyday the two weeks we were apart and she seemed just as interested as ever. I met up with her the first night I was back and I still couldn't bring myself to tell her how I really felt. Finally, after we hung out that night, I dropped her off. She was very nice the entire night until the end of the night when she got out of my car. All of the sudden she seemed very cold and almost mad at me. (Now I realize she was probably mad because I never showed too much interest) I'm so stupid. It's been about two days since this has happened and we've talked, and I've tried to meet with her to try and tell her but she has been saying that she has other things to do. I'm so stupid! Her interest in me seems to be completely gone now over the span of like 2 days because I did not show interest in her! I feel like an idiot because I never told her how I feel, and I can't stop thinking about her. I'm afraid my window of opportunity is gone to tell her how I feel. So if you've actually bothered reading all of this, my questions are:

Do you think she is still interested in me romantically and just acting cold because I haven't showed romantic interest in her or made a move yet? Do you think if I finally tell her that I am interested in her that her interest in me will come back? If yes, how should I go about telling her this? The other thing is I like her a lot as a friend too, and if there is a chance she is not interested, I don't want our friendship to be ruined (very cliche I know, but true) because it is awkward for her to be with me. I know this is confusing and long but please give me some advice. I'm desperate!

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what are you waiting for...

you don't want to wake up 4 years later cryin bout her right???

don' worry she's still interested in you,it's just her game to make you confused and finally make u'r move.


just tell her the truth bout u'r feeling.

go and get her now...


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Don't tell her how you feel, that's being a wussy. Women don't like wussies. Bust a move.


I don't agree. I hate how guys always think they have to be "real" men. Just about any girl will tell you that they don't think a real man is the same as what guys think real men are. I don't think it's being a wuss when you tell someone how you feel about them. Coming from a girl, I think it's sweet and flattering.


I agree with wind though. I think you should tell her. As soon as possible. She is interested in you, but after so long of you not seeming to be interested, it probably hurt her. She's probably just really confused and doesn't understand what happened.


Even if she did lose interest, what could you lose by telling her how you feel? You are obviously regretting not telling her now. Take that as a sign that you need to do something. If you never do, you will regret it even more. You never know, she could still really like you. Do something soon!

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Well, I kind of agree with Maggie and kind of with Beec. I don't think it's too late. But, I think that asking her out on what sounds like a proper date will show her that you are interested. For example, tell her you'd like to take her to a show in your town, and then take her out for a nice dinner. That sounds pretty date-ish, I think she will see that you like her. Show up with flowers.


good luck!

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If she is interested in him, she might be too shy to say something. Especially if she isn't sure if he is interested in her. It's like they are both waiting for each other to say something. So if he takes the first step in doing that, then it could change a lot.


Also, even if you aren't sure if someone is interested, there is a reason to say something. Even if it doesn't work out the way you hoped it would, at least you won't regret never doing it. I would much rather be rejected than to never know for sure if someone could possibly be interested.


Sometimes you know when someone doesn't like you, so there's no need to tell them. However, when you think that there is a possibility that they might feel the same, what good will never saying anything do?


You need to take risks like this in life. I wouldn't be with my boyfriend right now if he didn't take the risk in telling me how he felt about me.. cause I was too shy to do it.

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That does not answer my question. It does not respond to it one iota.


Him making a move on her also indicates interest and seeks to find out if she is interested in him. Why do you think telling her is preferred? I don't. I think he should make a simple move, like the one I call the hand bump. Let you hands touch a few times, see how she reacts to it, and if she reacts well, let them touch some more. When the contact lingers, jut go ahead and hold her hand.


So why is telling her of your feelings preferred? Should a guy telling a woman about his feelings, change how she feels?

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Thanks for the advice everyone!Well I have decided that I'm going to try and tell her. It's just that since the last three days now we haven't talked except once briefly online, I can't seem to meet up with her. She keeps saying how she has something else planned or something else she has to do and whatnot. I think she might be mad for me never saying anything and her dropping so many hints. So I guess I will have to wait a day or two for her to cool down and want to see me again. Hopefully I

ll be able to meet up with her where we are alone and then tell her how I feel. By the way, in my previous post when I said 'make a move', I wasn't necessarily talking about physical contact but moreso me just taking the next step and telling her how I feel. But my problem is that I still am very fond of her as a friend, and if she doesn't in fact feel the same way about me, I honestly don't want to ruin our friendship. So has anyone ever been rejected or rejected someone and still remained friends with them? I'm afraid that if she is not interested, it will be too awkward for us to remain being friends. Thanks again!

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