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As most of you already know the saga that i have been through i have cosen to go out on my first date since him...I must say it was beautiful! He was sooo nice and respectful and also very good looking. He has a lot going for himself and that impressed me....he made me laugh and by doing that ..thats when i felt the beginning of on the road to healing...I have been depressed for nearly a year...but anyway...the date went great...i felt like a lil kid...i felt like 15 again...it was the greatest...he said that he would love to take me out again....Now here's where the big question comes in....since this is my first date...i dont know how to treat it...i want to call him tho i already spoke to him online...(I KNOW IM NOT GONNA DO THAT) but i just want to ask u guys Now what????? do i just let it be? do i message him when i see him on? i dont know...i need serious advise! Thank you you all!!!

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Esboogie, that is great news!


Well, I'd say you let him call you. He seems like a great guy. I think a lot of guys are scared to look desperate if they would call directly the next day, so I think you should wait for a day or two. I think if you dated on a Saturday, he should call you by Tuesday for a date next weekend. And if he doesn't and you like him a lot, you can always send him a short note in an e-mail, not asking him out but that you really enjoyed the date and if his week is ok.



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Thnak you all vcery much!! I appreciate each and every comment. I want to say that I went on a date with him last night and he was online this morning saying to him how i enjoyed the evening...blah blah and i asked what were his plans tonight and he had a game and then was going home to study...he's a teacher and is taking an exam thats needed...but whatever i just said good luck on ur game and i will ttyl and he said okay.....sooo im just going to leave it in his hands now...right? i hate this im sucha "girlfriend" i have no clue how to date and whats supposed to occur....But I guess I will learn and as u all said just let it be and let him pursue me...


I have to say that he's a very busy guy and is doing alot...he's a teacher , he is in a band, plays ball, acts and does so much more...he told me thats he isn't looking for a relationship at the moment cuz of his schedule but if he senses something good he's not going to pass it by...i dont know...we'll just see..i guess!

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