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Cell phone scares the crap out of her...

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OK, I decided to break down and post about this.


My girlfriend's soon-to-be-ex-husband abused her. She is healing from this, going to councelling, etc. She is a very strong person and I (along with others who know her) are very impressed with how she is handling it.


This is just something that strikes me as odd. When it's late at night and her cell phone rings she is terrified. It's not like she throws a fit and goes into a panic, but I can see in her eyes that she is scared to death of answering it. She deosn't get scared when it rings during the day though.


She always answers it though, and it is never anyone to be scared of.


I know this is probably some product of being abused seeping into her everyday life. I just want to hear some opinions about it.

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"You will die in seven days..."


Or even better yet:


"What's your favorite scary movie!?!?"


I'm sorry, I know this is serious and all, I just couldn't resist.


It is possible that her mean husband used to call her on her cell at night and now she thinks he might be calling her again. It's just a guess.

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I just wanted to tell you I am very sorry you and your girlfriend are going through this. Maybe it is something that brings back memories of the abuse, or just afraid it may be him calling. I really dont know what to tell you. I couldnt tell you that I know how she feels because I do not. Maybe she could get some help...even change her phone number if it would make her feel better. I hope yall get all of this worked out, noone deserves to be living like this. Good luck.

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I always get a fright when the phone rings at night, becouse I expect bad news if people call me after reasonable hours.... It's not a problem, it's just the way it is. Maybe she got bad news late at night once, and now is scared of getting it again. Also, yes, she might think it's the ex calling.


The fact that she always answers, is GREAT NEWS. In my opinion she is not in need of a coucillor becouse of this particuar thing. As time goes by, and no bad news comes over the phone at night, she will ease up, and it will go away. Just be supportive and loving, and don't make an issue out of it.

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Yea, that definitely probably stems from the abuse she went through. There isn't much you can do but be there for her. Make it well known that you are by her side and the abuse is over, so that she may take a deep breath.


In reality, no matter how strong of a person you are...ANY type o abuse is diffiult to over come. It takes time and lots of effort. She may show how strong she is, but can weaken when no1 is looking. Comforting her is the best you can do.


Good Luck!!

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I never even thougt maybe it's just because she's afraid of bad news. I feel a little moronic for not thinking that before. I do think it's a good thing that she always answers it. She's obviously not that afraid. I would never make an issue out of somthing like this. She can't really help it. Her ex just beat her up pretty bad a few weeks ago. I think that re-opened some healing wounds.


"You will die in seven days..."


"What's your favorite scary movie!?!?" LOL I should have seen that coming...

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If my phone.. cell or home rings after a certain hour.. or in the middle of the night. Oh yeah.. I start shaking. Because I think I am getting a call that something bad just happened to a family member. Someone had an accident. Someone died. And yes.. I nearly kill myself to get to the phone to answer it.. because if they are calling in the middle of the night.. its GOTTA be important.

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