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Don't know how to socially express myself

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I've realized since the beginning of the year, I don't know how to socially express myself which causes me great frustation as then I don't feel accepted in society. I feel very isolated and alone. I don't really know how to read the body language of others thats why its difficult to me to make friends or really bond with anyone. Lately I've felt like whenever I'm in a social situation my anxiety level skyrockets providing me with nervous energy that causes me to work super fast at work, which is great but at the same time I'm not working fast just to work hard, I'm doing it because I have these thoughts like people are watching my performance or that I'm not working fast enough. Lately my thoughts have turned suicidal/homicidal, I get really frustated at my ability not to cope with social situations as if I'm ever to be in Law Enforcement I'm going to need those skills for bonding with co workers or suspects. I've tried reading books on the problem but most of them bore me to death. I really don't know what to do, but I fear if I don't do something soon, I'll just keep in this endless cycle of self destruction.

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ive been trying, but i get soo word twisted and my voice becomes

soo quiet or i mumble..Thats my biggest problem is the fact

that I can not speak "clearly".


heck yes its frustrating to know that your not being

accepted by all social groups of people, but it does

lead me to think that I will never become a social

person like i use to be.


After my break up with this guy I thought loved me, I wished

for my heart to be harder to break and just turn harder. Now

my wish is to be more soft and its hard to budge from that.


On top of all that said, I live with 2 guys and I get my

attitude from them.


..........................................Ignore al of that i said



In order for others to love you, you have to first love yourself...


that speaks more truth than i thought. Now what you might

want to do is really try to smile at people when talking to them

try not to put a barrier between you and the person, it may take

some time and practice, but I know you;ll get there.


If you tell yourself you will become more social and loving...and believin

the fact that you can become this, You will. Set some goals!!


We can set them together...

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