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Met a Girl in Class

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Hey. Today was the first day of college. I met this girl in my college class. The instructor told everyone that we were required to buy some forms. At the end of the 15 minute class (she let us go real early ), this girl asked me what a certain form was. I tried to explain it to her but she still didnt know so I offered to get them for her. We then quickly went into a general discussion that she just moved here and where she lived. The next time I see her, I will give her the forms, but what else can I do to show that I am attracted to her? Obviously I am going to give her the forms free, but I am the type of guy that is too nice, and I dont want to be like that anymore. Any tips of what to do next? I would like to get her email or phone number maybe study with her, but dont know when is the right time to ask and how I should ask.

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First day of college! That seems like so long ago...


Anyway, I think it's wonderful you're so attracted to her and that you want to get to know her, but I think it's best if you didn't come on too strongly, too quickly. Maybe after a couple classes together it'd be the appropriate time to start asking her to study with you (excuse for exchanging e-mails/#'s/etc.).


Good luck and have fun!

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OMG, I am laughing right now because today was my very FIRST day of college (yes, I'm 24) and it was PSYCHOLOGY!! I noticed there was A LOT of young men like you (right out of highschool). I hope you get to know this girl better and sparks fly. I would take things slow and just be friends at first.

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Search google -- David DeAngelo. Read his newsletters, they help a bunch. Well I think she might be a bit interested in you as well.


but I am the type of guy that is too nice, and I dont want to be like that anymore
Glad you don't want to be that type of guy anymore, that'll help a lot getting girls .


Alright, so since your just getting to know her, use some fluff talk, ask her questions, don't talk about yourself a lot, you want to know a lot about her so ask her questions, be casual and calm when your around her. Just try to get to know her a bit, don't tell her too much about yourself you want to remain a bit mysterious let her know a bit of interesting/cool stuff about yourself and leave it at that so she'll want to know more.


Ok, well I don't really know how college works and all, it's probably a hell of a lot different than high school but if you can talk to her in the halls like have a minute to 2 minute conversation about stuff and at the end when you're about to go ask her like this "If it's alright with you, you want to exchange numbers so we could study sometime?" Oh yeah it might help to have a pen and some paper on you .


Just a note too, you could also do the above ^^ before class if you get in early with her or something if talking in the halls doesn't work like for example you can't find her.


Oh yeah, look up how to tease her (David DeAngelo I think has an article or 2 on it) that will help A LOT.

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i think it's good that your a nice guy, i think that the word your looking for is assertive and maybe more independent? either, way keep doing what your doing, and just be genuine about your feelings and it will show when you're with her...

after awhile you can ask her out for a coffee or w/e and go from there, but start with the basics, like friendship...get to know her first because shay may not be what you expected, or she may be everything and more, which in that case, then you should go for it... but play it cool and friendly...just don't let this girl affect your psychology marks ....


good luck mate

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