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Rough hands need help

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Here's the situation. I have no power steering in my car. Thusly, I must grip the steering wheel tenaciously. This leads to callouses on my hands just below the first knuckle on my palm. I used to have nice hands. Ex would tell me it was like a baby. What can I possibly do about this, cause I can't afford to get my car fixed right now.

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This is probably the most unique post I've ever read. I used to get calluses on my fingers from playing guitar quite a bit. I used vaseline intensive care lotion on them whenever I felt my hands getting dry and rough. It worked pretty well. Also there are brands from neutrogena that work well also.


Good luck! Also, driving gloves might be 1920's, but are you going to sacrifice comfort for style?

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If your car usually has power steering and it is not working then it is dangerous. Not to sound alarmist but you should not be driving a car in that condition. If you had to steer quickly to avoid a child in the road you may well not be able to make it.

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you might want to consider getting a car with power steering...the newest car i know of without it standard is my dads old jag from the 60's, i mean chances are this is an old car sans airbags, a new(er) car from say the 80's would be cheap, much safer, and would give you power steering so you can have your wonderful hands back


-- a suggestion



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