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So it happened...

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I drove to Wal-Mart to get incubus' cd...a crow left of the murder. Good CD BTW! I was going to go get textbooks next. As I was driving, my best friend calls me on my cell phone. He wonders where I'm going and I tell him I'm going to get books. He's near where I am going so I get there and pick him up because he wants to get books as well. He's lost some weight and he plans on loosing more. So he offers me water and we chat. Nothing much...other than that. After I'm done we head off to the bookstore, get our books and come back. Sit around the apartment and listen to my new CD. LOL! And play with his flag with a bull on it. XD Go off to the parking and transit office but they are closed. He and I are going back on Friday though. So we walk to another office and it's closed as well. We meet up with his friend and go get pizza, my best friend buys it for me because he's a sweetie like that. ^_^ Go back to the apartment which is a good mile or two walk. As we go back he thinks he sees his ex...who transfered to the college. We get back and he and I cuddle. I like cuddling a lot! LMAO.


His friend and he both know Spanish so they would chat back and forth in that language. Not like I was too talkative...I was acting pretty shy when the friend came to hang out. So then my friend's friend asks him a question and Will responds. I ask what it's about and he tells me this BS response. Then he kisses me! My best friend kisses me! I mean I liked it but I wasn't expecting it so much. I probably did something to make it happen as well...but I dunno. It was mutual. I'm not too much of a kisser and he was/is an aggressive kisser. Blah! I like cuddling...I mentioned that. We are polite and go back to my best friend's room for a little more kissing and yeah it was rude for him to leave the guy in the room all alone. HAHA! Anyway, the question his friend was really asking was have you kissed her yet?


Been friends with him for 6 months...wow! And now something might happen between us. There's nothing wrong with him other than he can be a tad bit annoying and is overweight but he is loosing it. He's an awesome awesome guy!


Anyway....I can't help but feel happy. LOL! I was so rusty with my kissing too.

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Yeah...I/we have been pretty natural about it all. We just get along too well. Both are pretty happy agreeable individuals with many of the same values and stuff. Sure he can annoy me but it's better than making me mad at him.


I could tell him wanted to kiss me earlier in the day...but I wasn't ready then. I dunno what this makes us...we need to talk about it still.

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I was suspecting that he might of had something for you when he bought you a pizza without expecting anything back.

I sorta knew it was gonna happen sooner or late but not in front of his friend.


Read this:


Might help all those who don't understand what's been going on between us.

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