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Did she lose interest?


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I met this girl who flirted with me twice on two separate occasision. Both times she had a bit to drink. Since she drank a lot I didn't think too much about the first time. But the other time she kissed me on the cheek and said she thought I was cute.

So I tried asking her out and 90% of the time she would say yes but there was an excuse at the end of the day to cancel. It could be she had to work late or she was tired or even she needed to finish laundry. I would think she's not interested but why would she agree to go on the first place? I did manage to go out with her twice and everything seemed fine.

More and more I'm thinking I should stop asking her out since it might make me seem desperate. If she's not interested anymore, how did I turn her off away so easily? I'm absolutely sure I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe I should take it easy and just hang out with her more in a group setting? Or is there anyway I can help her resume the attraction.

I'm completely lost and confused in this dating game.

Oh and we're in our mid twenties so it may not be so likely she's into immature games.

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if you just can't let it go quickly, try to be around her as much as possible, without making it seem like you want it, like school for example - you take same classes, you're around eachother. She can't blame you from stalking or anything.


Still, she sees you every day. You don't pay too much attention, girls want what they can't have. She might start worrying that "hey, I thought he liked me, how come he doesn't pay attention?". Point is not to be like she didn't exist 'cause that just looks ridiculous, try to show that she's nothing special to you anymore, and not even so much worth too much attention.


Then you need to be attractive. Talk to other girls, a lot of them. Laugh, be funny, teasing etc. to others. Try to be the center of attention (good way lol, don't bounce around like a bunny to get attention haha). Make her notice you, but don't talk to her (unless she initiates it, in which case you just gotta play it cool and act like you couldn't be less interested in getting a date with her. Keep those convos short if they happen. Don't be rude, though don't be too nice either. Be just normal, like you should do with your friends.)


That basically should work, at least to one type of girls, providing that you pull it off well. That might as well screw up though, but ah well. There's no other way as far as I know.


Do that, especially the talk to other girls a lot part, because you might find better one from there.

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