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Am I overreacting? do I have the right to be jelous?

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k this is going to be really long but Id really appreciate your inputs, there is someone really special in my life. I've known him for about 4 yrs. We dated for two yrs two yrs ago, our personal lives and situations got in our way so we stopped seeing eachother. Lost contact for about a yr and for the past 8 months have gotten back in contact with eachother.


Our situation is a little weird and alot of people dont understand it. We dont see eachother often, maybe once a week or sometimes once every couple weeks. He ALWAYS gives me compliments says how Im the best girl in the whole word, how Im special, how Im the most beautiful girl he's ever been with. Hes always said that to me and made me feel this way since day one of us knowing eachother. I know he loves me and cares for me, I dont know how but I just get that feeling without him even saying it but I think hes scared of commitment and frankly so am I in a way. Well thats the background on us.


Technically we are not bf/gf because we dont see eachother often enough due to our complicated schedule etc. He hates hearing about me and other guys and admits that he gets jelous but he always tells me to "do whatever makes you happy".

Well I was just talking to him and this is how our convo went:


Him: guess what Im doing tomorrow!!

Me: umm what?

Him: Im going to be a judge for a peagant contest and Im going to a massage in the morning.

Me: oh?


I dont know why but I got really really jelous and defensive and told him how I dont like him looking at other half naked broads and etc then he proceeded to say "I dont understand how you would be jelous of someone of your caliber, you model and half the time you wear just as much if not less then these models will plus you know how I feel about you" (I model parttime


Do I have the right to be jelous? an I being over reactive here? I trust him I really really do, hes the only guy I know whome I would trust my life with but I do get insecure and jelous of him checking out other girls and especially judging them; I dont go to strip clubs and judge male models....


Please advise and tell me how crazy I am?

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I can see how you would be jealous but I dont think that feeling is approapriate. Jealousy is something we feel when we are threatened by another person. For whatever reason you see these other girls as a threat, now given the nature of your relationship it seems odd to say that. You obviously talk to and/or see other guys. I think you need to take a step back and look at your actions, think about them then you need to evulate how you feel.

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He's probably letting you know how he feels when you do it to him. Why don't you ask if you can go with him?


It sounds to me like both of you want the same thing, bf/gf. I think it's time to sit down and talk about it. You can't keep going on like this!


Good luck.

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I dont go bragging about dating/seeing/checkout other guys to him, once in a while it may have slipped but thats it. Plus he knows I want a commitment with him more then anything, its just our schedules and well I dont know, its a complicated situation.

He just got promoted to a way higher status at his work thereforeee he says he wants to concentrate on that before investing time in a serious relationship, whatever that means

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