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threatened him, was it wise?

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i just got checked for STD's by my doctor, this doctor is a friend of my girlfriends family. i did not know this at the time. he asked me questions like how many sexually partners ive had and how many my partners had(he dint meet yet). she has been with one other. my girl is 17 and her parents think she is still a virgin and all. on a later visit he said"so is your girlfriend so and so" and i said yes. the i said" if you say anything i will sui/sew(i cant spell) you" there was a silence and he kept on doing what i was originally there for, just sort of avoided. from a legal standppoint, if he decided to tell her parents adn i cant see her anymore, could i sui/sew him? for breaking my confidentiality

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Doctors know all too well how they are in a very vulnerable situation when it comes to patient confidentiality.


But to answer your question; yes, he could be held accountable if he breached the terms of his patient - doctor confidentiality agreements.


He would also be brought before a panel who could make sure he doesn't practise again.


I think your words were harsh and unnecessary; all doctors know the terms of this agreement and he knows he can't say anything unless someone's life is in danger.

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Threatening your doctor was completely unnecessary. If I were him, I'd probably tell you to go find a new doctor because I no longer wish to treat you.


Doctors follow certain guidelines and laws when it comes to patient confidentiality. You could have simply ASKED him "You aren't going to tell her family are you?". Then he would have told you the privacy rules that he follows.

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I think you'd be wise to apologise to the doctor!


The others are right by saying the doctor has to follow rules set by the medical board. thereforeeee he is not allowed to break your confidence. He could 'strike' you from his patient list for being aggressive with him.


Finally, If he is friendly with your girl's parents, he may say to the father I've heard your daughter's boyfriend has a bit of a temper.


That is not breaking confidentiality!


Write him a letter.


Good luck and take care.

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That was kind of a immature thing to do! No wonder Western society is so "suit-happy" these days.


Why would you THREATEN him? He is a doctor - you are not the first sexually active patient he has seen, nor would you be the last, nor would you be last person to be connected somehow to other people he knows.


Doctors are bound to confidentiality, it is part of their oath as a doctor. If they break it, they can lose their license or at least be reprimanded with some sort of punishment with would either result in loss of income or work.


If you were diagnosed with an STI (particular ones identified as a threat like HIV for example), sometimes they do have the duty to contact your past partners to come in for tests as well, however they cannot disclose your name or anything such as that. For ones not considered life threatening they usually tell their patient to contact their partners and let them know...this varies from area to area though and laws in particular regions.


I think you should write a letter too and apologize for acting out of fear and irrationality.

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How did you find out, he knew your girlfriends parents? During the examination? Are you worried, she gave you one, or the other way around? I see how that could make you very uptight, in that situation, but I agree with the other posters.. Let us know though, if you checked out clean. If you checked out otherwise, tell your girlfriend about it, for sure, have her get tested also. Maybe though by a different doctor. goodluck

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lol, i had other sexuall partners and i didnt want to give her anything, im claen. she had other sexual partners and i didnt want to catch anything, she is clean.


i found out he knew there family becuase she told me when we went to the doctor office(his name was on the wall) she went with me and waited for me while i had my exam. i didnt see him and i didnt think he saw her, but maybe he did on the camera in waiting area. her exam was by one of those walkin planed parenting places.


i didnt really know what else to say when he asked me if we were dating, i kinda frose and thats all i could think of.

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