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I don't get it

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This is kind of venting but.. anyways - I think it fits under here.


Alright, so heres the story; my g/f and I haven't seen each other for three weeks, because for the first 2 weeks, she was off on a 2-week trip for sports. So I tell her to have fun and call me when she gets back.

2 weeks later, shes back - she calls me that night - we have a little chat lasting about 5 minutes, see whats up - I tell her I'd call her on tuesday-ish (today).

So I called today, I asked her what she was up to the past week/end - she told me that all weekend she was out with her friends; and work here and there during those last week - shes been doing this since we got together (about 2 months now) - HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE BEEN TOGETHER WITHIN THOSE MONTHS? about 4times. Yes I know ?'


So in the phone call, she tells me that there were times when she would have called me, but there is nothing to do in our town. Sometimes it gets to the point where she doesn't think of me as a priority in her life (considering Im' her b/f). I askmyself, isn't a relationship two people working together? I see myself trying to get her together with me, but I don't really see much of her to that or trying to at least get some time in with me. So once again, I ask her if shes got anything planned this weekend; what does she tell me? Shes got work and plans with friends.


She had wrote on her blog "I am sorry (name) I am a horrible girl friend! if i were you, Idve walked away a long time ago, but its great that you arent mad at me for being so busy!"

it's like she only wants the status of being not single

I'm kinda giving up day by day and breakign down piece by piece

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well... seems like she isn't ready for a bf. You're 15, so shes probably afraid of the whole boyfriend experience still. WHen i was 15 i remember being like that. If she has time for her friends she could have time for you too. That all sounds a littel silly and immature to me, but you are young. I think she likes the idea of having a bf, but i personally think she's afraid of it and doesn;t know how to act. I would sugjest you talk to her about it. Good luck

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