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I feel so much anxiety

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I suffer from extreme anxiety. Like just now I was about to post because my b/f(?) hadn't yet returned my call (after just 20 minutes) and he called me just now...


I guess I'm just worried because I messed up pretty bad and I keep thinking he'll want to break up with me and leave me. I've suffered from this kind of anxiety before, it's really consuming.


Does anyone else know how to cope with it? If I have anxiety I will only make the situation worse... dealing with things in a calm way is really the only way to solve the situation in a positive way... ;(

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I think I posted to you the last time you posted Venus.. I hope the information I gave you was some what useful. I believe I talked about fear and ways to deal with it. I had this type of anxiety before.. like I said.. if you are looking for ways to deal with it then I suggest learning Yoga or taking up excercise more often. I hope you considered some of the advice that was given before.. it is useful..

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Hey Lifeiscash,


Yes you posted to me. I know everything you say is right, but it doesn't stop the turning in my stomach. The anxiety takes me over physically and my mind rushes with thoughts.


I am actually going to start yoga tomorrow and thursday. It's just hard for me because I'm really in love with him and it looks like he really is giving me another chance, but he isn't be that communicative about it, he isn't saying "hey [venus] I definitely want to be with you and just you" or anything like that. He sent me this poem today in reply to something I'd written him, which could be interpreted in multiple ways, one of which could be interpreted as looking back on our relationship which is over, or it could be interpreted as mulling over change within oneself. But then he said to me "I love you" on the phone and wanted to hang out tomorrow, so I guess he wants to be with me... I know he loves me so much, the idea of losing him distresses me as I messed up royally. And I know that if I can't manage the anxiety I will lose him for sure...

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Well sometimes I see adverts on television about anxiety medication...have you thought about talking to a doctor to at least figure out how severe your anxiety is and how to deal with it...sometimes telling yourself not to worry isn't enough and you might need help with overcoming your anxiety...nothing wrong with that...in fact, the sooner you ask, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery. Just a suggestion.

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Look into working with a therpaist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy. It gives your practical ways to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Search for posts by weirdo and borderline personality disorder. I typed in one of the worksheets which teaches you how to control uncontrollable thoughts. Medication is also an option, as there are many safe and good ones for anxiety. Best of luck.

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