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They say girls take rejection harder than guys....?

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You only have to browse through some of the posts on here to realise that it not by any means a universal truth. In fact, some people hold the opposite theory.


I think it all depends on on the individual.

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I'm not positive for the reason but i think that it's because the guy is supposed to ask the girl out and if she really likes him and he hasen't asked her out she might just ask him. All that I know is that they DO take it harder because every time it happens to one of my friends i have to listen to it thank god it dosen't happen often!

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I think girls do tend to take break ups more seriously. This post reminds me of something my best girl friend is going through right now. She and her boyfriend for over a year recently broke up. I've spent time with them both, so I can see how both are taking it. He's still the same guy he was before the break up, only a little bit more down than usual. He still jokes around with friends and has fun. She, on the other hand, cries constantly and is very down. Each time a memory of their relationship surfaces its back to crying and feeling bad.


So I guess in my experience, I'd say girls tend to be the more dramatic ones who cry over a lost relationship, while guys hardly show emotion when they're around people.

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I think this is going to be very very individual. I mean there seem to be a lot of men on here who a year, two years and so on later are still pining for their ex for example...while it seems most women may seem to be very dramatic after the breakup, they also seem to move on and heal on what I see on these forums anyway, a bit better. Of course, there are many in either case who are the opposite.


I think it is important to also realize what people present is not always the truth - a guy may seem normal and jovial, but in ignoring his pain or denying it, may prolong the healing process, whereas a girl who is in tears for a month straight manages to get the emotions out and moves forth.


And rejection is also just plain up to the person - some people would see it as a major flaw in themselves and take it as a sign of their failure, others will be able to say well it was not meant to be and there are other fish in the sea...



How devastated one is or appears will depend on many things, including their own ability to cope with their feelings and emotions, to past experiences, and how much they invested emotionally into the relationship - and of course there is more influences as well. In any case, it is individual to the person, not specific to their sex.

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Something to think about.


I think that girls usually have an easier time moving on becuase it is USUALLY easier for a girl to find someone else. Like there is always a guy willing to go with a girl.


Men on the other hand have a harder time to find someone else becuase woman BY NATURE are more choosy.


so I think that how long someone takes to get over a relationship is USUALLY based on the other options to pick up another partner.


So men in my opinion will take the breaking up harder.


I am a good example in when I broke up with my first girlfriend It was tough for a very long time. Now that I decided to get some pickup up skills, and now have a easier time finding new girls.. breaking up with a girl is MUCH easier. I just know that I can find soemone else eventually, where as before I was very stuck and lonely.

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Guys think more anaylitically (bad spelling I know.) and I think it's on the left hemisphere of the brain the analytical part is located.


Girls are more stronger in the EMOTIONAL part of the brain (which is the right hemisphere of the brain) and they tend to have stronger feelings and take having good times with their bf like double the emotions of what the guy would have with his gf. I think that's why.

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