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Did she want to sleep with me?

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Ive been knowing my counselor since i was 16 and she gave me signs that she intrested in me. She worked at my school when i first met her. They moved her to a diffrent school and later she became my counselor when i was 17. She told me that she fought hard to be my counselor and that she told her boss that she wanted to be my counselor. My counselor came to my house for session. I told her that i was going to get something from my room. I was at my room for like 20 seconds and she comes and tells me "your not gonna give me a tour". When she did that i was 18. Was she trying to sleep with me?


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It's important to approach this situation with caution and consider discussing any concerns with a trusted individual. While her behavior may have seemed inappropriate, it's also possible that she was attempting to establish a friendly rapport. However, if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about her intentions, it's crucial to set boundaries and seek support from someone you trust.

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