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What help is there?

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Realistically, what help is there for a suicidal person? I see resources posted--phone numbers to talk in moments of crisis and websites. Besides being told I matter and life will get better, what ACTUAL help is out there? 

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Do you have any family or friends that know about your struggle?  I know that the times when I was feeling suicidal they were there for me.  

Are you able to find a good therapist?  

I've struggled a lot with depression since my teens and I'm now in my late 30s.  There are others out there that have this struggle and at times that really helps me to not feel so alone in this.

My faith also plays a good deal in how I am able to get through suicidal times.  I'll read certain, very meaningful verses from the Bible.

I also will try to list the things that I am thankful for and enjoy.

Hobbies help as well.  Just giving myself something to accomplish.

I will also make a plan of something I really want to do, something to look forward to.

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I can see from your previous post that you are very alone. Have you tried calling one of the numbers or visiting the websites? Sometimes it seems like nothing is out there, but that's the result of your current perspective--not reality. Try one of the hotlines. They know what to do.

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2 hours ago, beatlesfan77 said:

Have you tried a site called 7 Cups?  It’s free and there are listeners there ready to talk with you any time you need someone to talk to. Hang in there!



This is actually quite good. I've used this site before. Although people there aren't actual counsellors but you also can use actual online counsellors but you have to pay. But just talking to ordinary people and using forums there is free as far as I know.

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Are there any charity organisations at all that might provide some services for free? I'm in Australia and we actually have a large amount of free mental health support services. Or you can at least have ten government subsidised therapy sessions with a licensed psychologist per year. So most of the session is paid for but you're just out of pocket for a smaller amount. But during COVID this increased to twenty sessions per year.

I know that in the US you need to have private insurance to access these kinds if services. But there might be some run by charity organisations that are free or cheaper?

I just read your previous post. Does your husband know about your eating disorder and mental health issues? Even if you don't have money of your own, he should support you and give you money or allow you to use insurance to treat your mental health. If he doesn't care and doesn't understand then I would really think about getting out if the marriage somehow. Your partner should support you and worry about your well-being. Both physical and mental.

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I've spoken to him about it. We live in America, so mental health services are expensive. He doesn't have me covered under his insurance either, with no money of my own or insurance, I can't see a therapist or doctor. He thinks I'm being dramatic and that if I was really suicidal, I'd just do it and not talk about it. I just don't bring it up when I'm feeling this way now that I know how he feels about it. I will look into the resources y'all have provided. Thank you

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22 minutes ago, kkj said:

He thinks I'm being dramatic and that if I was really suicidal, I'd just do it and not talk about it. 

Stop talking to him about it. Sharing feelings with an abuser is like loading the gun someone will shoot you with. Discuss your issues privately and confidentially with all the helpful free organizations offered to you.

Go to social service and get help with food stamps, Medicaid, housing and employment assistance. The first step is getting medical and mental health care. Then leaving, you can divorce at a later time.

They can also refer you to pro bono  attorneys to discuss getting divorced.

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If you do not feel comfortable going to friends or family... Do you go to college? College mental health facilities are great support. At least from the country I am from. There are campus, therapists, advisors and psychiatrists. If not do you work? What does your company's metal well being support look like. I am so sorry if none of this helps. But there are people to go to. I am sure there are people in your life that would be so grateful you came to them. If not charities, hospitals, I think people have mentioned these.

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