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Went out with the guys had a few drinks and somehow my mind drifting off to her and wanted so bad to call. No matter what i do, think or drink my mind always comes to her.


Enough is enough. Why is she still in there?


This blows.

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that might be. Feelings do come out but i dont dare say a word. but what i think it is. When im drunk i see all kinds of ppl with others, and the whole lonley part comes into play...

i just have to deal with it i guess

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If it's just a case of lonliness, you should probably just go out and meet new people. Perhaps causal dating is in order. However, if this is something deeper, perhaps you havn't really gotten over her. Do you want to get back together with her? You mentioned something about not 'saying a word'....why are you afraid to acknowledge your feelings for her? You can't really move on till you admit to yourself where you feelings stand in regards to her.

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to answer all ur questions i have told her and i do want her back. But she doesnt feel the same way. So im slowly healing and moving on. but its hard i have never had to do this before. so its all new to me

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Hey there!

Im the same - want my ex back but he doesn't want me. I'm very driven and doing a degree and he just doesn't want to face up to the idea of growing up, so we split - it had been rocky for ages. We'd been together for 2 years and I'd done my best to try and make him a better person - which is terrible and i guess why we split - he's just him and if that isn't good enough for me then we won't make each other happy.

It's been a month now - we had text contact forthe first 3 weeks and now I face the fact that I need to get over him and that means not contacting him. I wasn't even drunk yesterday but i went and saw a movie and thought 'god, i can't wait to snuggle up in bed with him' as it was scarey. Then it hit me - there is no bed to snuggle up in except my own. Had bad dreams and woke up crying my eyes out.

It's totally normal to miss the one you loved. But unfortunately if the other person isn't into you anymore it has to be past tense.

When I'm drunk i always wanna call him - but that's not something worth doing now, so keep on refraining from it - its the only way to build new thought patterns and not want to go back. There's no way back!!!

It's annoying but as many ppl will say on this site - if she wants you she can contact you and make that clear. You contacting her is just not going to help you move on. And the harsh truth is that you have to hun.

Just keep going, and look after yourself --- i can't even go out drinking cos im sickened by seeing all the ppl having fun and being couply...just do what makes you happy now mate. x

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This is precisely why I don't commit girlfriends' numbers to memory because I know me and my occasional moments of weakness and before I know it, I'm calling up the ex and making an @ss out of myself.


It may sound weird, but I usually let the girl dial her name and number into my cell, that way I never see the number. When we break up, I delete her number. Everyone wins. She won't get any whiney phone calls and I won't won't sound like an idiot.


This is just me though. Good luck!

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