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First love friend requested me..

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So I received a friend request from basically my first love. He was my first boyfriend. We first met about 33 years ago. We were super young and ended up liking each other . I ended up moving away and we wrote letters and when I would come back to my hometown in the summers we would end up dating again. I finally moved back for good at age 17. We dated again. We were super attracted and passionate but didn't sleep with each other..It was leading up to that though.. Living on my own was tough..I couldn't manage my money. I was careless and really wasn't ready to have a relationship, my own apt., etc. I said and did some stupid things..Not cheating, but immature crap. We had our ups and downs and ended up not dating anymore.


I haven't spoken to him in so many years. He recently friend requested me, to my surprise, and my heart jumped. I didn't accept right away. I had to think about it. I did search for him over the years on social media and was tempted to contact him but never did. I eventually accepted his request and said hello. Kept it light. He replied and asked how I was doing. I replied back and then asked how him and his family were doing. He hasn't responded. It's been almost a week. I see that he's read it and has been online. In general, when you end a message with questions, you usually get a response. I just think it's weird especially since he is the one who friend requested. I was hoping to catch up more. Maybe that would be too much? He now has kids and is in a serious relationship. Maybe I shouldn't have accepted the request?

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