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My ex dumped me,I’m in love with her,She no longer loves me


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Hi All

I’m new here and my story is a bit of a long one.

Im 44 male and 2 young boys 50/50 care 8 & 6 yrs.

She is 40 and has 2 young girls the same age as my boys

We were together about 4 years and had a few BU’s in that time.

Always worked it out and got back together.

This last BU in March this year seems to be it as far as I can feel but I want nothing more than to grow old with this girl.

She and her kids went to the UK for a 5 week holiday to see family and friends she had not seen for 16-17 years.She returned on the 11/3/20 and on the 17/3/20 she sent me a long breakup text and was adamant it was over. Stating that i cant and never will be able to give her what she wants,commitment,a social family life etc. now i know this all stemmed from the 5 weeks she spent with family and her emotions were obviously very raw and she was missing them upon returning.

I did the stupid thing and started begging,disagreeing and trying to win her back which pushed her further away.

A couple of weeks after I went NC for 2 weeks even after she sent the last text asking for some belongings returned.

After 2 weeks i contacted her to say yes i would put them in her letterbox and i did. At which point I started texting again to try get her back and she told me she had moved on and that i should too.

She started seeing a guy 2 weeks after dumping me,i was devastated and so hurt. We argued another week via text and then threatened me with an DVO if i dont leave her alone.this was the 28/4/20. I messaged her once a week for the next 2 weeks but she has totally ignored me i went NC from 15/5/20

She in the previous few werks started putting up public pics of her and her new guy and even went public with the whole “in a relationship” with him on FB. Belittled me a little with public posts on her page too. She has me blocked on FB but nowhere else but we are not linked on any other social media.

Her post about leaving her alone ended up in her friends telling her to block me,get a restraining order etc.

She either removed or changed the post to friends only because it is no longer public.

Anyway i have been putting real effort into changing my flaws,bettering myself and doing things for myself like getting my teeth fixed,rekindling lost friends and family members etc. im even going skydiving in a couple of weeks.

I’ve enlisted a personal coach to help me and help me get her back.

I did deeply hurt her and let her down and she has a lot of pent up hurt and anger towards me.

I’m lost still even tho day by day i get slightly better but all i really want is to be with her and be a family and live happily ever after together.

She has been seeing this new guy for 8 weeks now and I know its most likely a rebound relationship but she seems so happy on FB

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated

There is a lot more to the story as there always is but too much to write every fine detail.

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