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She won't give up...


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I’m not saying your main ego boost goal is this forum, it’s simply a byproduct.


Jane is the ego boost.


The woman you are still ‘saving’ while you wallow about how much you don’t want her anymore.


We dont do things we don’t get something out of.


So which is it? sh*tty boundaries or not being able to stop being the white knight?


Cause she’s not the issue. She’s going to be who you allow her to be.


The issue is what’s the core reason you’re allowing it.


ETA: you are absolutely right your candid honesty is awesome, I agree you are self aware... to an extent... which most people who are self aware don’t recognize EVERY toxic thing they’re doing.


Being so candid, I’d have to ignore all your other posts and pretend they don’t fill in the holes of this story. Did that make sense? I hope so I’m in a hurry this morning.

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I have asked her to move out, but I gave her a generous deadline to give her time to deal with the drama at home and sort out the logistics. But I see now that she is not doing that, so maybe I need to be tougher.


She will stay until you insist she leave.


She's hoping you end up back there again and you two will live together and be in love and happy. Or so goes her possible fantasy.


And since you haven't put your foot down she believes you want that too.


It's time to cut all ties, don't you think?

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