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I’m worried I’m pregnant

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Food aversion starts about 7 or 8 weeks. You can test the 1st day of a missed period. It was negative. You are not pregnant. Probably just PMSing.


Not true.


I had food aversions before I even missed my first period. How I knew I needed to take a pregnancy test. Well that and the unprotected sex 😂


I ended up having hyperemisis and extreme food aversions my whole pregnancy so I may just have been a fluke but it can happen.

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Hypermesis was a b***. I started vomiting when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. Did not go away until the baby was born (I was puking while in labor). Fast food commercials made me nauseous. After I gave birth I had my husband go out and get me a Cheeseburger, large coke, and sushi. I never cried so much happy tears in my life over fast food. It was amazing!


I lost rather than gained weight while pregnant. Guess that’s one thing to be thankful, but it wasn’t worth starving and rotting my teeth over.


And that it why I am a “One and Done!” Can’t wait until I visit the dentist next week 👍

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