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  1. Basically (I’m aware this was a ridiculous idea) but I had very drunken sex on the day I last Ovulated and now I’m so worried I am pregnant. I am not in a good place for this to be the situation but I would just like advice if this sounds like a pregnancy ? Like I said, I am not in a good place for it to be right now as I’m suffering with food issues. I had sex on the day I ovulated, completely unprotected with my boyfriend. (It’s a new relationship so had no birth control). I track my cycles so I know that I ovulated that day. A few days ago (about 2) I noticed pink spotting when I wiped (
  2. You’re right we can! You and me both! I can get over this! I hope one day I can look in the mirror and see someone beautiful and not have to point out all my imperfections. Today my doctor told me i am a healthy weight and I need to stick to this weight. The thought terrifies me but hopefully with therapy I can do it!
  3. Thank you so much for your response. I started by telling her I was nervous to talk to her etc then explained everything. I’ll be honest. There was lots of tears but it was important I got it out. I have now been referred to an eating disorder clinic and I’m getting the help I need.
  4. Hi everyone. I have my doctors appointment today in just under an hour. To say I am terrified is an understatement. I just don’t know how to talk about this at all.
  5. I’ve been here. My ex was 23 years older than my self (I am 24 and we split 6 months ago). All I can say is I wouldn’t go there if you are ever planning to have children or get married etc. I would also make sure he isn’t emotionally attached to the mother of his children. Actions speak a whole lot louder than words just always remember that!
  6. I would personally let this one go. Cut your losses and move forward. It was only 2 dates and you’re better off not getting too invested
  7. From a lady who’s ex left her whilst she wasn’t even home and broke her heart, who went through the phase of wanting him back to now, the phase of thanking god he never came back, DO NOT CHASE HIM. he is no good if he leaves unexpectedly. He will only break your heart again and again. Let him go and move on to bigger and better things. Know your worth sweetheart
  8. I will definitely let you know how it goes Friday but this is long overdue!
  9. Thank you so much for all your amazing responses! They have all be really sweet and really helpful! Just a quick update, since posting, today, I spoke to a close friend about what I’ve been going through and deleted a calorie counting app I’ve been using because I have realised it was doing me more harm than good. I have so made an appointment with my doctor for in 2 days time and I am just going to pour my heart out to her. This has gone on long enough and it’s seriously taking a toll on my mental health. Thank you so much to the person who posted the response with a website for average ladie
  10. Thanks everyone! I’m trying not to diet. I’d absolutely love to be a conplete gym rat but it’s just now who I am nor do I have time for it. I live alone so do a ton of overtime at work to pay bills and I go to university full time too. I know it sounds like excuses but trying to maintain friendships and a relationship too with that is hard aha
  11. hi, I’ve actually never heard of that. I’ll search it now!
  12. Okay. So I’d just like to start this off with who I am. I’m a young woman, I’m 24. I’m going to give details of my height and weight and nationality so you know what I’m working with. Height: 5ft 11.5 inches Weight: 12 stone (after a binge) Nationality: White British Okay, so basically, I think I am suffering with binge eating disorder. I never used to. I used to have a pretty healthy attitude towards food. This started in 2017/18. I moved into a house with my (now ex) boyfriend and I put on almost 4 stone. Being quite tall, at 13st 12 I wasn’t completely out of shape but I was overwe
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