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I think I like him, and I think he likes me, but way too shy to say anything


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So I held an event recently, and a friend of mine (we'll call him Bob) came -- late -- and brought a friend, without telling me he would. It was no big deal really. Bob and his friend (we'll call him Steve) stayed later than everybody else and just hung out chatting with me, along with my brother and, for a little while, my mom. My brother and my mom know Bob better than I do, as the three of them work together.


I have suspicions that Bob and my mom, possibly also my brother, we're trying to set me up with Steve, but I'm not really sure and afraid to say anything to either one of them for a couple reasons, one of which being he's quite a bit younger than me and I'm not sure Bob knows that I like younger guys. But...my mom does know that I like younger guys and, in fact, during the event after I met Steve when my mom and I were alone, she made a comment that he reminds her of this young guy I dated once, and I thought it was an odd thing to say and an odd comparison. It's also a little odd to me that Bob brought someone extra without telling me, and odd that the four of them specifically stayed late to chat but maybe I'm just imagining it all. (My brother and mom staying late wouldn't be abnormal, but it is to throw in their co-worker and his friend into the mix.)


Ok so anyway, we added each other on Facebook (which seems a bit sudden to do with someone you just met, especially since he has less than 80 friends) and we've been talking. So here's a few reasons I think he likes me: He sends me smileys sometimes, he replies to me as soon as he reads my messages (and he always replies), he sometimes sends double texts (or even more), he says "lol" a LOT, and those are just little things. There's bigger things too...


He is trying to make excuses to see me, and says he wants to see me the earliest he can, which is this coming Saturday. At first, this suggestion came up when I mentioned I needed my lawnmower broke and I needed my lawn mowed, and he said he'd do it for me. Then I told him I'd probably need it done before Saturday, and he suggested we play video games together. I told him I was disappointed he didn't play a game I like, and he suggested we play that together. Then later on I mentioned I needed to do stuff around the house like laundry, etc. and he said he'd help me with that, too. Just any excuse to hang out with me!


And...there's another thing. Today he also "accidentally" called me, but I'm not so sure it was accidental. He talked for a good minute and a half to two minutes before telling me the call was accidental, and sounded like he was making elaborate excuses like he was confused and his phone went black and he thought it shut off and blah blah. lol... And he was at the mall with a friend and apparently ignored them for over 10 minutes to talk to me on the phone, only getting off the phone to order some food. Me, somebody he barely knows.


So...what does everyone think? Does he possibly like me? Should i say anything to him? Maybe he'll say something to me or make a move on me...but I don't want to wait forever. How can I show him I'm interested and open to him "taking the next step", or something?

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If you like him then next time he offers to help you do something, accept the offer and make him lunch or take him out to dinner as a thank you for helping you. You can get to know one another that way rather then over superficial facebook or texting.


You could even just invite him to go for coffee with you next time you're chatting.

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Ok let him come over but then offer some refreshments and just hang out and talk, low key.

I mentioned I needed to do stuff around the house like laundry, etc. and he said he'd help me with that, too. Just any excuse to hang out with me!
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