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I hooked up with classmate


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Hey! Friday night I went out with friends. I was already a little drunk when one of my classmates approached to me and said hello. We talked for about 3 minutes when all of a sudden he kissed me. I didn´t pull away and we hooked up. Monday morning I will be having class with him. I don´t know how to deal with the situation. Should I just ignore him? Should I say hello?

Note: The night we kissed was the first time I had ever talked to him.

Note 2: He is my class crush. Its too late if I want to date him? Does he now see me as a one night hook up? (He didn´t ask for cel number)

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Hey may or he may not. If he doesn't see you as anything else, it's not because you ruined anything by sleeping with him. It'd be because he never saw you as potentially more to begin with. So try not to kick yourself.


If you'd like to ask him out, I'd say do it.

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