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Hey guys


I miss my girl so much. My girlfriend and I was dating for 4 years. But then, we broke up. It was hard to let go because she wanted to do a break. And I don’t do no breaks in relationships. So she ended our relationship as “ we grown apart”. I didn’t like how that ended like that. We was planning to live together and she wanted to get a dog for our first home. We planned on getting one. When the time came, I had to realize we don’t have enough to even get a dog. So I told her we need to get our priority straight. She got in her feelings and hung up the phone. Yes I had her hopes up for a dog. But she need to understand we need to worry about other shyt beside a dog. So I haven’t talk to her for a week and when I called her she is getting mad saying we need a break we need a break. I don’t do no breaks; all we will do is work it out. But she didn’t like that. So she focus this to end. Next weekend , I flew to Kansas City where she was living to see and talk to her face to face. She was mad. We talked and still acting the same. I really didn’t want to give up but it was coming to an end after this. Came back home feeling sick, depression and lost. Don’t know what else to do. What do everyone think I should do ? Or do y’all think we can get back together?

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Wait did the breakup happened and why did this happen exactly? Take a breather, don't talk to her and leave some time.


Yeah we broke up a month ago. And to me maybe because she wanted to get the dog and she was upset. She said it’s not the dog it’s something else. Ask her are you talking to someone else and she said no. She will never lie to me about that.

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I'm sorry to hear about your separation and struggles. Although people have the best intentions in mind, sometimes they allow the petty things in life to get in the way. I also definitely understand you hating long-distance, as I got married to a girl from another country and had to wait long periods of time between seeing her before we were married.


Did you two ever talk about your compatibility, and whether or not you would work long-term? It sounds like there may have been some underlying issues that the two of you had trouble being honest about. Did she seem to go distant very suddenly, or was she constantly prioritizing things like a dog over you? Was it a healthy relationship for the most part? A partner wanting a break is usually not a good sign for longevity in a relationship, but if the two of you had a healthy and honest relationship, I believe there may still be hope. Praying it becomes easier, and that you make wise decisions in approaching her and giving her space.

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Ask her are you talking to someone else and she said no. She will never lie to me about that.


I don't think you can justify believing someone after they break up with you. Breakups are all-too-often very dishonest things. You should not believe her -- you'll just not know, but keep your guard up.


Other than that, give her time. She may have over-reacted and that's it, but it was on her mind before the dog thing (as per her saying that it's something else).


My long-distance ex would have never lied to me about talking to someone else -- until she did after 8 years. It happens and people can do terrible things.

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