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Hey guys.


Recently, my school organization went to New York City and a lot of things happened that made me question my status with a certain guy. We'll call him Friend A. (Edit: I am a girl)


A bit of background on us: we are both heterosexual (straight) and of opposite genders. In case anyone was wondering. We've known each other for a few months but only got close on this trip.


We hadn't exactly been the closest of friends; we were more of casual acquaintances before this trip, but both of us are very social, so naturally, we found it easy to talk to each other and quickly became close to the point where he was completely fine with me taking him to a clothing store to make him try on feminine clothes and even put a bit of makeup on him.

The next day, he got me a little bowl of fruit while I was getting him a drink because he remembered that I generally eat fruit for breakfast and how I'd complained about how the restaurant from the day before had served very little fruit. A very nice gesture of him (he's very well mannered and sweet, which is why he's confusing me so much), but I didn't even think of this as a romantic gesture.


I think everything became more serious when we danced together that night at the dance that was held on a cruise. Sure, it was just for fun, but everything after that dance was just... wow.


The next morning, we sat down to eat breakfast once again, and he actually took my scarf, wrapped it around his head, and fell asleep on my lap. Not wanting to wake him up, I just continued chatting with our friends, but asked softly if he was awake. He gently tapped my leg. He was not asleep. He then sat up and tried to somewhat curl around me, so I asked if he just wanted to sleep on me again, as my legs would be more comfortable than the booth. He obliged. We continued that way for around ten minutes before it was finally time to eat. I leaned my head on his shoulder. He didn't seem to mind. Later, he returned my scarf by wrapping it around my neck from the back, which was nice of him, but not required. Thus was the beginning of my confusion.


Later that day, everything major happened. After our rehearsal, we were excused to eat dinner with whomever we wanted. Naturally, a girl drifts around with her friends, but my friends just wanted to take a nap while I wanted to walk around. I ended up joining Friend A's group. They went to Subway, and I realized as I walked in that I actually didn't want much food and would rather go for a drink from Starbucks. I said this quietly, just like "I'm not really craving food," and he instantly asked if I wanted to go anywhere else. I told him Starbucks and there he was at the door, holding it open for me. We went to Starbucks, where he did not order anything but rather waited patiently while I ordered my drink and received it. He then asked if I wanted to sit down anywhere, so I told him I'd much rather walk around and see New York for the last time before we went home. I was thinking of Times Square, but Friend A, I suppose, had other thoughts.


He asked if I wanted to walk around Central Park with him. I was hesitant. Central Park was more secluded and it seemed a bit more intimate, and I had no idea where he was going with this. I was going to say no, but something told me to go with it. As we were walking towards Central Park, he suddenly suggested taking the subway. To this, every logical aspect of myself rebelled. We were strictly forbidden from taking the subway and leaving Manhattan, but here he was, persuading me that there were no chaperones and that it was our only chance to do it. I don't know why, but I agreed.


I did not have my wallet on me, but he insisted on paying for my ticket, and continued being very sweet and acted like a true gentleman. On the train, he asked how my day was, although he was next to me through the entire day, so he knew exactly how it was for me, so I thought it rather odd that he'd ask. We then started talking about Broadway and how we'd love to live in New York someday.


We got off randomly and walked to a 7-11 nearby. He offered to buy me food, to which I declined. Then we got lost and I had to run many blocks in heels, and he kept apologizing profusely, even though I was laughing and clearly having a good time. Throughout the whole adventure, I felt as though I should walk up to him and take his arm in mine or something in a similar fashion, but I refrained, because I wasn't quite sure if this was a date or not.


The next day, he started avoiding me. It was really odd, since he was so keen on being close to me on the day we went on the subway. I wasn't particularly trying to be closer to him, either, so I became very confused about his actions.


So a little more about myself: I find it a bit hard to be absolutely comfortable around people; yeah, I'll be friendly, but there's a difference between friendly and comfortable. And around him, I feel extremely comfortable; I've never felt so safe and secure with anyone like this before, which is weird, because I haven't really been close to him for a while.


What do you guys think? Was that adventure a date? Do you think he has feelings for me, or is he just a sweet gentleman who thinks of me as a friend? Will he forever remain "Friend A," or will he try to become something more? Please help me I have no idea what I'm doing!! (If you have any questions, leave them down below. I'll do my best to clarify)

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