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Advice for moving forward with a shy girl?


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Hey everyone, I recently met this girl on tinder, and hung out with her twice. We went to the same high school (graduated 1 year apart) but never talked until we matched on tinder the other day. I'm 20 and she's 19. I've never been in a relationship before and I have aspergers so I sometimes fail to read cues or communicate in a romantic way. She just got out of a relationship and I think she likes me but she's a very shy person, which makes this a tricky situation. She's been very hesitant to break the touch barrier but she always seems eager to spend time together and she tends to laugh and giggle a lot around me too, which is a good sign. Her nonverbal communication has been somewhat hard to read though. At one point on the second time we hung out, we were sitting in the living room with my younger sister, and I noticed her slowly moving closer to me. I put my hand out to see if she'd touch it. She didnt touch my hand but looked at it in a shy manner. Please tell me, is this a good sign? We plan to hang out again either tomorrow or the next day, more than likely go hiking somewhere, and I'm trying to think of what I should do to move forward with her, if possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Go slow with this girl, maybe during the hike, try to hold her hand next. or put your arm around her back politely.. Small steps dude, small steps...

With shy girls I wouldnt move too quick, obviously.


For me, even thought I'm not a shy girl, I'm very non-physical when I first meet somebody anyway..

So I like when men show me physical gestures little by little as well.

Goodluck !! :)

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Rocknroll540 As I am exceedingly shy, here's my two cents:


- Be very obvious when flirting as some shy girls may not read body language very well.

- Furthermore, shy girls are very cautious (obviously this is a generalization). That means shy girls need to be assured that the guy is 100% into them before they flirt / respond back.

- Shy girls may not initially respond well to any flirting that happens around others they know. In other words, your crush may not have wanted to flirt in front of your younger sister. But if in the future you guys are alone, she may be a bit more daring.


All the best!

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Was she really hurt in her previous relationship? It doesn't sound like she's shy, she sounds like she's in shock. You may not be reading her reactions correctly. You might want to ask a friend or a family member who can see how she acts around you for their opinions.

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