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I am struggling sexually


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So, I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years. I recently moved in with him and have been working a full time job, while he goes to school full time. We used to have amazing hour long sex that was mind blowing. But I started a new birth controle and gained weight and have had surgery on my knee. I want to ride my man like, really bad, but when I'm on top I feel close to nothing and its not that he is small or anything, if he thrusts with me I'm fine. But by myself I feel useless I cant get off, I cant focus, and my knees are in horrible pain after. Is there any help anyone can give me like something easy on my knees or tips on positions.

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A great position for people with knee issues:

She lays on her back. He lays crosswise (90 degrees) and tucks one of her legs over his hips and the other between his legs. Wiggle around until the penetration angle is good, then go to town!


I hope that makes sense. Do a Google Image search for "sideways sex" and you'll get lots of possibilities. Good luck, and may pleasure be yours and his!


Light and laughter,


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