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So I'm not sure this is the right forum for this discussion but since this was the subject I was researching when the thought occurred to me, here I am. So in researching ways to get my ex back I found a lot of articles that were pretty gender neutral. So they Would say the same things for all genders. Others said they were specific to women or men but seemed to say the same things. Then I came across a vein of different kinds of articles. Yes the advice was very similar but the wording was terrifying. They were several articles by different authors aimed at men and they spoke about women as sex objects essentially. Like if you wanna get your ex back just go have sex with other women. Don't contact her and if she gets into contact have sex with her as soon as possible. If she tries to complain about anything cut her off again. I have male friends and I have not noticed this difference in mindset. Particularly in my relationship since I was the one more interested in sex a lot of the time. So my question I'd: is this simply an example of how all people are different or is this an example of something that is common among men but I personally have not noticed previously?


P.s. there are plenty of women who also think of their partners as sex objects, I'm not trying to dis men just wondering about the perceptions of different genders.

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Well, what those articles are talking about is making an ex get so jealous that she comes back to yell at you for having sex with someone else so soon after breaking up with her, and then having break-up sex with you, and then either using the opportunity to get back with you, or if she storms off, you do it all over again. It's using jealousy as a weapon.


As to your question about men treating women as sex objects, age has a bit to do with things too. A teenage boy is thinking about sex every seven seconds. The hormones are driving boys crazy at this age. So a lot of dating has to do with running the bases and hitting a home run. In their 20s, some men are still thinking like teenage boys, but some are starting to look for partners and companions, not just sex objects. This continues right on through life. As guys age, they tend to want to look more for friends and companions, but divorced guys re-enter the dating pool in their 30s, 40s and 50s, and a lot of them are bitter and become confirmed bachelors with only one thing on their mind. Women need to be able to sum up a guy really quickly when meeting them to know if they're looking for a partner or just looking for sex. The guys looking for sex are the ones that just take off leaving women asking what went wrong with the relationship.

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Well that is just how some people are. Not how everyone is.


Gender doesn't matter either. People of both genders can treat their desired sexual partner that way.


As a horny and stupid 13 yo I was still looking for a life long partner and not just someone to have sex with. So even as a guy that wasn't my train of thought.


But I know of some guys twice my age (I'm 30) that do still think of woman as a sex object.


It has a lot to do with how they saw their parents treat each other growing up.


Or if their wasn't parent(s) it was just concluding from god knows what interactions.

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