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I rejected him, probably broke his heart, but now I want him back


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Ok, so I'm new to this forum, hope I get some replies.


There was this guy at my school who came up to me and asked me on a date. I said yes because there are very few people in my life who actually like me. We went on two dates and had a good time, however I didn't feel very attracted to him the way he did. He even said it took him almost one and a half years to say hi and ask me out. He was actually in love with me???!! I was contemplating whether to go out on a few more dates to see if the things would work out but I decided to end it all. We went on a 3rd "date" and I kindly explained him how I feel about him. I am pretty sure I have broken his heart and I felt awful but relieved at the same time thinking I made a good choice.


However, the time has passed and I can't stop thinking about him. Almost a month has passed and we haven't spoken a word to each other. When I see him at school passing by I want to say hi at least but he always ignores me. He can't even look at me in the eye.

I sometimes think about how it would be if I gave him a chance. I also think I am now a lot more attracted to him than before and I want him back.


So the question is should I ask him out again? If so, how do I even approach him after rejecting him and breaking his heart?

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Distance & silence always make the heart grow fonder, huh?


If you want to talk with him, I would suggest you make the first move. It is higly unlikely that he will go up to you and talk to you again, since you probably broke his heart. Don't just pass by him in the hallway and say "Hi", instead go up to him directly and talk with him.


I've always found the best approach is to just ask directly, then you'll have your answer and you don't have to wonder anymore. If he doesn't want to see you again, then you are not any worse off than you already are.

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Funny how that works right? This is a classic game in human relationships.


People sometimes want someone who isn't into them. In reverse, if someone is really into them, they are not interested.


Now that he is ignoring you, you want him back. His esteem is in pieces and he has to regain confidence again. Every guy goes through this cycle of rejection. He'll be fine.


Will he come back to you??....maybe with time. But he is probably going to move on. Who wants to be a back up plan?


I think it's better to wait for a person who you find attractive and vice-versa.

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