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He's never available during weekends?


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I have been talking to guy for almost a month and last Friday we went on our first date and it was awesome, I canceled on him the Friday before we met because I was sick and asked him to meet on Sunday but he said he had paperwork. He claims to be a bit rusty in relationships because he has been single for 3 years because work consumes his time. He seems really busy and we have another date scheduled this Friday, another weekday. He just texted to tell me that he can only do dinner on Friday and has to leave early because he has to prepare for a big interview that will be on next Tuesday. he has to leave a dinner date early on FRIDAY and the interview is ONLY on Tuesday?? This seems a bit dodgy. So I told him I hope the interview goes well and didn't respond to the "I have to leave early on Friday" he said let's talk about our week during dinner on Friday but I'm already over this whole thing, I feel this is like slow releasing rejection on his part and I'd rather bail than to be wondering.


I find it a little strange how his weekends are off limits. If we have just started dating wasn't he supposed to ask to see me last weekend but he says he has a class and the after that he goes home and rests and then on Sunday he will do paperwork. He talks about wanting to strike a balance between work and leisure but I think that maybe he has a girlfriend?


Other than that, he is consistent with responses and often double texts me and that but I find the fact that he didn't ask to see me last weekend a little strange and the fact that he said he'd leave the date early on Friday as well as the fact that. I'm thinking he's trying to back out of this but doesn't wanna be rude about it. Is anyone that busy?

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I think it's a bit early to be questioning his schedule. You, by all means should have your standards and boundaries, but don't play detective, it's pointless and doesn't stop a man or woman from doing what their gonna do.


If you feel you can't trust him this early, it's a bit of a red flag.


Oops - totally read that wrong. Thought he rescheduled for Sunday. Response changed

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He sounds like someone I met a few years ago.... well, he was married.... Only married men need to go home early on Friday evening :D I am not saying he is, but he is not very organized either ... I would cancel the Friday dinner why bother, since he has not much time for it anyway and see how will react to that... why would you go on a half an hour date anyway, don t put yourself in an awkward situation!

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Kind of have to agree with you that it seems sketchy. Especially the "I have to cut the date short on Friday because of an interview on Tuesday."


Even if he isn't involved with anyone at all and is being completely honest, would you really want to date a workaholic who doesn't know how to manage his time? Personally, I wouldn't.


General rule of thumb that I like to apply to dating is that when it's already so convoluted and it's still early going, best to move on. It doesn't get better, it usually only gets worse. Early on people are still trying to show their best and if this is his best.....he is not doing well at all.

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And I have to go to meet him 40 minutes away from were I live, I know we've just started dating and I'm not asking for a lot of his time but he's not exactly available and by me going out there it seems like I'm desperate and settling for the scraps of time he's making for me.. I know full well after that dinner, I won't see him the whole weekend because of his "schedule" and will see him next Friday probably for a short time again. It just seems exhausting and you're right awkward.

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