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Divorce help


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So my girlfriend who i started seeing recently (4 months) had to return to her country to finalize divorce papers.


during our relationship shes confessed she has regrets about the past relationshop but ohwell it didnt work.


Day of signing she was distant which was to be expected now we are talking shes telling me shes down/ sad and thought of those regrets again today... and apologized saying it wasnt nice to tell me these thongs and offered if we should have time alone when shes back and it was up to me


What can i say or do to show her its not her fault.. will she get over these. is it a problem for us.


i pick her up from the airport in 2 days... how do i approach this smart.

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Well, based on your last thread, there's stuff going on with your girlfriend that she hasn't told you about. And now she's getting ready to dump you or keep you hanging on as a FWB. Just pick her up and be cheery. Tell her you're glad she's back and see if she still wants time alone. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Don't argue with her or beg her if she does. Just drop her off and say you'll talk with her later.

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I wouldn't jump to any conclusions that she is getting ready to dump you.

Yes, she is in emotional turmoil and that is to be expected. No she shouldn't be talking to you about this stuff and she realizes this - actually makes a pretty healthy person.


Just be your usual self when you pick her up. Other than that, just say what you just said here. If she starts talking about all that stuff that it's normal to feel the way she does and you get that. If it starts to make you feel uncomfortable, acknowledge that. Be honest with her and yourself. If you can tolerate some but not all, then simply change the topic when you are done listening. Hopefully she has girlfriends to talk to as well.

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