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Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place


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im in a sticky situation, my ex gf and i sat in a car for a couple of hours confessing how we still love each other and how we miss each other.

she is talking to this guy named micheal and im talking to this girl named savannah, and i really like her because she's really cool. but i love anabelle.

i told anabelle that i would drop sav for her and wait for her to drop michael. but shes not dropping him, she "wants to see what happens" because she's "too invested" in the relationship.

meanwhile the girl im talking to wants t be in a relationship with me but i tried to make it seem like im not sure how i feel yet.

so i dont know what to do. i love anabelle and would do anything for her, but it hurts to know she wont do the same. and i like savannah but if anabelle and michael fall out im going to be that ass who leaves savannah for her.

mid-relationship, as if i dont care for her, even though i do. i have this doubt with anabelle, whose to say she wont leave me again. whose to say that a relationship between savannah and i would be better than anabelle and I?

i have this conflicting feeling. i wish i knew what to do, i dont want to be out of luck if anabelle and michael dont fall out, i would be alone at square one. and i would actually hate anabelle.

after egging me on that we would get back together, giving me that hope and for her to just take it away from me.

i dont see why she cant just drop the guy is hes not showing any interest in furthuring their relationship.

i dont know what to do and i wish i did.


Sorry i didn't write this in question form, i type my thoughts down like a journal and I need advice

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So you're willing to use Savannah's feelings for you to your own advantage just so you won't be "alone" in case Anabelle doesn't come back to you?


I mean, you don't like how Anabelle is kind of jerking you around yet you want to do the same thing to Savannah?


That is not very nice, is it?

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Really? You don't know what to do?


You want a woman that dumped you before. Ex are Ex for a reason


She's in a relationship with another man confessing feelings for you so she can't be trusted.


She told you she's not dropping him therefore, he's more important than you


You're keeping Savannah around so you won't be lonely.


I don't understand why you're confused or in a tricky situation


You are being played!! She's saying enough to keep you interested so she won't be lonely if he leaves.


You better hope Savannah don't make the decision first and leave you being that you try to make it seem like you're not sure how you feel yet.

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I think you are young, right? I think you should just be honest with Savannah that you aren't quite over Annabelle, and ask her if she'd like to be friends. Honesty is always something people respect. Maybe you'll develop feelings for her later, and maybe she'll still be available then. Just don't do it now when your heart's not in it. As for Annabelle, don't make it so easy for her. You're exactly right; why can't she let go of the other guy if she loves you so much? She might have feelings for you, but she's playing the field. She made her choice by not going back to you. Let her chill with that decision for a while. You can be her friend but keep her at an arm's length; she's probably the kind of girl that likes coolness. Focus on something other than her, like a hobby or other friends.

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