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once a man changes his mind.. can he come back? for all guys...


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he said he is not ready 4 a relationship, he suffers depresion, lots of work, divorcee and with kid, lots of work. I told him I am in love with him, he says he is noot..... but says he cares about me, likes me and a lot of things but he is not ready for commintment and other things... he puts barriers and stuff.... if i dont talk to him. give him distance..... can he change his mind? he told me that one day he is going to regret not being in love with me but he likes being alone.

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"he is toxic to me... he brings the worst but thats my toughts...... help. what can i do he said he didnt love me he wasnt in love "


From your post from yesterday.


What about of any of this makes you want it back? What reasons can you give for why this would be good for you? Other than "but I love him", hopefully.

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