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Do you think this woman had ulterior motives?


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I was at the bar with my friends and this woman came over and was hitting on me. I recognized her from elementary school after she told me shew new me then, and I then placed the face. She was acting all happy and flirty. Quite flirty I would say. I was just out having a good time with my friends and didn't pay as much attention to it. Just had a good conversation with her about what we are doing now in a life and all that. But I think she seemed like she was flirting and all.


Anyway, this has been bothering me a lot cause in elementary school, when I was about 11, her brother hit me in school and I fought back. I ended up accidentally crippling him and he couldn't walk after. I didn't seem him again after that, the next year. At least not that I remember.


I don't remember much of the incident as I don't seem to have much memory of it. I think I just repressed it. Even when the woman came up to me and started chatting, my mind didn't even go to her brother until later on that night, cause I have trouble remembering a lot of it.


But I wonder, do you think maybe she was perhaps flirting with me, cause she had ulterior motives, cause of what I accidentally did to her brother? It just seems strange to me that she would be interested in me, romantically or sexually, at a bar, after that kind of history as kids. Or maybe she just forgot about it too and left it in the past, and was actually interested in me?


Not that I am interested in her or anything, I was just curious as the incident has, and how she may feel about it has been really bothering me, since my memory of it is now jogged. What do you think?

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That's what I was told by other people, but I never saw him again after. I don't know if it was 'for life' but that is what I was told after it happened, when I was 11. Basically I think the words I was told were "He can't walk now!". So not sure if it was for life, but I was so upset over doing it, that I assumed the worst.

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