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  1. I think I did use lube but it was my personal preference and not sure if she actually needed it or not. But I read that a lot of the newer surgeries don't require lube though. Okay thanks. You said to be more careful in the future. From now on, how do I tell? Like if I ever became single again, how do I make a positive ID say from now on, so this doesn't happen again, if it did?
  2. I guess it just came back and hit me cause of what I remembered all of a sudden.
  3. Well I suppose her breasts did look kind of baggy but I thought maybe that was because she was overweight, not because of implants. Overall, I don't remember anything unusual feeling about the breasts, accept for the scars. As for a vaginoplasty, I asked a person about it who herself was transgender and had SRS to get an opinion and she said that modern vaginoplasties can go all the way deep in. Is that true though?
  4. Oh okay. Well are all breast implants firm? I thought only the models would want the firm ones, but are there some women who want implants that feel natural? Or would almost all women want the firm ones if there was a choice? As for the vagina not being very deep, how deep are we talking here for a sexually re-assigned person? How would I imagine it subconsciously vs. consciously? Are you asking if I am imagining it in my subconscious, like in my sleep?
  5. Okay but I asked my gf and my women friends opinions on the pictures, and said how the girls vagina looked very much like the SRS ones and how she had scars on her breasts. My friends said they think that I am likely right from what I described, and that I am not going crazy over it.
  6. Okay it's just it might be a while before I get in like maybe a few weeks and want to know if there is anything I can do until then, I mean I can't even concentrate on work or driving or sleeping as much now.
  7. Okay thanks, but I don't think this has anything to do with semantics on transgenderism. Not sure if semantics is the right word, but I am just trying to figure out how to do about me and how my body is reacting to this.
  8. I don't know why I am freaking out, I can't explained it, it's just I lost my sexual appetite from and it and have become traumatized. I don't know why, it's just some sort of reaction I am having. I asked my gf and my best friend if I am overreacting and they said no, that if it happened to them and they saw the picture comparisons that they would real traumatized and sick from it too.
  9. I meant I showed them pictures of the outside of the surgeries, since you can see there are things out the outside that look weird, such as the clitoral area looking completely different than the norm, which is what it looked like before when I had sex with that woman. Well me and my female friends have talked about our personal lives and problems before, I don't know if this is anything too much for them. I mean sure I had to ease them into it but they were willing to talk about it with me, once I got them to be concerned about my problem.
  10. Well I don't know much about breast reduction, so don't know there. Also it's this compounded with the photos of the SRS vaginas that made me feel this is what happened... when you put those two things together. I asked my women friends about it and showed them the photos and they said that they agreed that it seems like it's a 75-80% probability that I presumed correctly.
  11. But maybe I am overreacting though, like would you be traumatized by this, or is this just no big deal, and I should just try to shrug it off, such as life?
  12. But I remembered her vagina specifically because there was something different looking about it, and it looked very different compared to others. Now I see the picture and it has the exact same look with the clitoral part looking like the exact same different way. Well the thing is, is that I feel traumatized by the whole thing and it's effecting me bad. I asked my gf if I am overreacting and she it it was her, and she found out from a picture of a penis that a guy she had sex with actually use to be a woman, that she would be traumatized from it too.
  13. Yes but I showed the pictures of the SRS vaginas to my gf and told her that the woman had scars on her breasts, and she agreed with me that it seems very much like she was transgender then.
  14. Well it's just when I looked at the pictures of the SRS vaginas vs. real to compare out of curiosity from the movie, the SRS vagina looked a lot like hers, compared to a biological one.
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