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Guys I need help, haven't been talking to this girl for months but still interested


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Hello guys, I am back on this forum again. This time for a different reason, I finally moved on from my ex and was dating this girl, (let's call her Axx) i met online. She is cute, chill and amazing. But back then I still had fears which was carried over from my last relationship that I haven't really dealt with properly- that's why i was so reluctant about Axx. Things eventually fizzled out. She didn't reply to my text one day, then I just stopped texting all together. I haven't been talking to this girl for like 3 months. But I am still interested in her.


So, the question is should I just go for it and try to talk to her again? Or should I just unfollow her on instagram and move on?

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the final text- I asked her if she wants to go for dinner the next day. She didn't reply and after that I didn't initiate again. We just stopped talking altogether.


And during that period, sometimes I initiate contact, sometimes she was the one who initiated.

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You can always text her, wish her a Happy New Year and see how she's doing.


If she replies, you can determine if you want to ask her out.


Prepare yourself for the possibility that she may not respond, or for a lacklustre reply. Or, she may have met someone else.


The fact that she didn't respond to your dinner invite sounds like she wasn't interested. Plus, she hasn't initiated contact with you in three months.


I'd be inclined to let it go and move on.

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