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I can't forget a guy I barely know


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Hello everyone! Apologies for my English, I'm not a native speaker :)


I live abroad and was visiting my parents last month when I met this guy. I'm not the one to open up easily and don't really trust most people, but with him everything was different. It felt like I had known him my whole life, we spoke for hours and had an incredible connection, the one I had never experienced before (I'm in my late twenties). Everything felt right. At some point we ended up in his place but nothing happened - we kept on talking and he was running his fingers through my hair. That's it.


We were texting afterwards, and he wanted us to have a proper date. That's when it turned out he had no idea I lived abroad and was leaving soon. I'm not sure why it hadn't come up before. He was disappointed but still wanted to see me. Then a bunch of stuff came up - we were both busy working and he got a flu. He was supposed to call me when he felt better but he never did. I guess, he didn't want to compicate his life and get attached to a person living far away.


Normally, I would delete his number and go on with my life. Not this time. I think about him a lot, and I know it sounds ridiculous but it's not the way things were supposed to end.


So my question is: should I make myself forget him (would be a sane thing to do) or should I listen to my gut and do something? I didn't know his last name but still found him on Facebook (it's not something I would normally do), and I was thinking I could send him a message before I go back to my home country. Is it too desperate/crazy/immature?


Any opinion/advice is welcome :) Thank you.

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Well, you talk about your feelings, but how about some information on this guy? What country are we talking about? Do you know anything about his background or his age? What does he do for work? If you want a booty call when you go back home, fine, but normally I would say forget about him if you're not going to move back. Most long-distance relationships are painful and eventually break up.

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It is a chance worth taking if you felt real chemistry, but I wouldn't pursue it too hard. Long distance (especially living in seperate countries) is difficult, and can lead to hurt. I don't think the two of you had enough time to really get to bond with one another to embark on anything. Unless of course you visit often enough. That being said you have nothing to lose so you could always reach out. If it leads to nothing you can move on easily instead of spending time wondering what could have been.

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