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Help I feel like I’m going crazy


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I reconnected with a friend from highschool days. We had crushes on each other but never went for it. 30 yes later I run into him at a work picnic I had just started working there. We went for coffee and now 6 months later it’s been torture. I DoNT want him but seem to think I need to text him. We have one or 2 nice days then it’s back to arguing as he isn’t what I want. I’m mean almost abusive with the text I send. Then I feel horrible I’m losing all my self respect. I blocked him but I cannot stop texting. I have memorized his number so it seems I just can’t stop

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I’m mean almost abusive with the text I send.

Why do you do that? What do you get out of being mean and abusive?


We have very little to go on - too much information missing. If you want any constructive advice you'll need to give us the full story so that we understand what is going on. Right now, no clue.

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Since you routinely lash out, I hope he blocks you for his own mental health but as long as he's failing to protect himself, you could try what I'm trying with myself to make myself finally let go of an ex. I still have to see him at work, but if I ask him no more questions outside of work subjects (like the ever burning "I feel like you don't value this connection am I not important to you anymore?!" - he will say yes with his words but always no with his actions), I am going to give myself the most awesome, special super decadent treat. For me, this is a fitted suit, for one of my friends it's an $800 tattoo, for another it was buying a kitten. Something huge that marks the end of that chapter of your life and marks the start of next one.


Bonus round, do you have a mental health professional yet? A psychologist may be able to give you some techniques to ground yourself and break the texting addiction.

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