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  1. I want so badly. I guess it’s a process. I keep humiliating myself because I’m contacting him to just tell him what a jerk he is. I’m looking for him tonacknowlege my feelings and the part he played in this. He isn’t healthy enough to give that to me. But I still keep trying. Ugh!!!
  2. I cannot let go of a man I am with. He is emotionally unavailable. He is an alcoholic. Need I say more. I DONT want to be in the relationship as I know how bad it is for me, I can’t seem to stop contacting him. Of course a small part of me cares, but I know it is not good. I really have tried to have no contact however, cannot seem to do it. I block him then unblock him. I turn off phone. I text friends instead. I journal etc etc etc.. it just goes back to me reaching out to him or valise versa. Hellpppppp!!!!!
  3. I reconnected with a friend from highschool days. We had crushes on each other but never went for it. 30 yes later I run into him at a work picnic I had just started working there. We went for coffee and now 6 months later it’s been torture. I DoNT want him but seem to think I need to text him. We have one or 2 nice days then it’s back to arguing as he isn’t what I want. I’m mean almost abusive with the text I send. Then I feel horrible I’m losing all my self respect. I blocked him but I cannot stop texting. I have memorized his number so it seems I just can’t stop
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