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Snapchat story of random girl on my boyfriends Snapchat


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I’m assuming most people know what Snapchat is these days.


My boyfriend and I have been together for a couple years. We are very happy together and love eachother a lot. I trust him fully and know he’d never cheat.


He doesn’t hide his phone from me or anything and I recently glanced over and he was viewing his friends snapchat stories and I noticed a picture of a half naked girl. I looked at his phone later and saw the name was , so I got a friend to add the username on his account. She does not open my friend’s snaps but he can view her story so it just appears that she did not accept him as a friend but her stories are public? My boyfriend does not snap chat her nor does she snap chat him but he looks at her stories. Upon creeping her stories on my friends account shes 25, posts about 10 snapchat stories daily of her in her underwear or covering her breasts, looks like she parties a lot and always has snaps that seem to be advertising “cocksnapper.com” and “meetandsnap.com”. She says to add her username, which seems to change on a daily basis which makes me wonder if it’s real. I’ve tried going on these sites just to see what they are and the URL changes as soon as you type it in and takes you to these sites but they appear to be kind of spam.


Does anybody know anything about these sites. Maybe she adds randoms and advertises these sites to make money?


I should add that we are from Canada and We use degrees Celsius with temperatures. She must be from the U.S. or something because I’ve noticed on snaps of her vehicle it is in Fahrenheit. It also appears to be quite warm where she is as she’s always in summer clothing and flip flops. In Canada it’s winter there is snow.


It bothers me that my boyfriend looks at these half naked stories of hers even tho I know he hasn’t nothing to do with her and has probably never even Met her. Should I mention it to him and ask who she is or just leave it alone?

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I agree... it's just the '70's version of Playboy Magazine on the internet. He is probably using her photos to help him visually when he self pleasures. You are not insecure about him masturbating, right?


I'll advise you to stop your creeping because before you know it, you're going to be addicted to violating his stuff in order to help squelch your insecurity and when he finds out how you've crossed that boundary, he's not going to trust you.

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Well, first of all, you're correct, it's some kind of money making spam. The erotic pictures are to get you to subscribe.


As to porn in general, always ignore it on your boyfriend's phone. Guys are visually oriented and we like to look at pretty girls. (Women like to read porn, like 50 Shades of Gray, and fan fiction, but that's another story.) It doesn't mean he's leaving you or he's cheating on you, or comparing you to other women. You're real in his life, but pictures are just fantasies to provide a little titillation to get through the day. Also the way guys are designed, semen and prostate fluid are constantly being manufactured making a guy horny with the need to expel them, much like the way a woman who recently gave birth must pump breast milk or the way both sexes have to urinate. A lot of guys, even in relationships, whack off frequently, especially if they can't be with their girlfriends when they're horny. In fact, they may whack off even more frequently when they're in relationships because they are all sexed up. Porn helps as a visual aid. One study showed 97% of men view porn at least once a month, and 2% refused to answer the question. So just leave the porn alone. Don't bring it up. Let it be your little secret. It's not your competition.

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