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I didn't make a move on a girl interested in me


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It's our country's national day soon and our school had a nice event today. A girl I don't know,from my school, sat beside me while I was joking with my friends. She was listening and laughing at my jokes too.I exchanged a few words with her afterwards,then she asked me if I wanted to take a pic with her(I agreed) and asked for my instagram. I said I don't have one.


I didn't think much about the encounter until later that day when my friend told me I should have made a move on her because she definitely wanted to "" me. I don't believe she wanted to do that lol but still,I wonder what I could have done to make a move on her.


For more context,I'm 17,never had a girlfriend but I'm starting to feel I'm finally coming out of my shell. I never would have talked so casually to a random girl before,so I'm still pleased with the experience I had.


I tried searching for threads similar to mine,but the guys who didn't make a move on a girl that liked them,they already saw the girls on regular basis and already knew them for some time. So I want to know what you guys think and have a discussion regarding my experience

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